Diamond Skill Games Nudge Factory Multi-Game Kit

This Diamond Skill Games Nudge Factory game board by Banilla Games has VGA graphics. It’s a 3-in-1 multi-game that features 3 nudge games, including American 7’s, Major Cash, and Lucky Striker.

Other distinct features include how its touchscreen-only, has configurable jackpots, and that each game has tiered big win animations.

What’s Included

Diamond Skill Games Nudge Factory game board.
Game manual.
6-month warranty.


Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness or 28 pin Pot-O-Gold Harness (additional adapter needed +$75).
3 Nudge Games: American 7’s (single line nudge), Major Cash (single line nudge), and Lucky Striker (single line nudge).
VGA graphics.
Touchscreen only.

Hot Swap feature is a new patent pending concept in which the player must choose the correct icon in order to complete the proper winning pay line.